Greenlee County

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Greenlee County
P.O. Box 908
Clifton, AZ 85533
(928) 865-2072

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Title Date Posted Location More Info
County Engineer / Planner 12/08/2019 Clifton, AZ County Engineer-Planner.pdf
Public Works Facilities - Operations Tech I 12/12/2019 Clifton, AZ Public-Works-Facilities-Op-Tech-I-121219.pdf
Public Works Roads - Op Tech II 09/05/2019 Clifton, AZ Public Works Roads - Op Tech II.pdf
Sheriff's Office Detention Officer 01/17/2020 Clifton, AZ Sheriffs-Office-Detention-Officer.pdf
Treasurer Administrative Assistant 01/10/2020 Clifton, AZ Treasurer-Administrative-Assistant-021020202.pdf