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Greenlee County

Greenlee County Fair and Racing
Fairground Fees

*Fees are subject to change

I. Commercial Building  
  Non-profit Organizations - Lease FREE
  Non-profit Organizations - Deposit $40.00*
  Profit - Lease $40.00
  Profit - Deposit $40.00*
  (Call for insurance charges)  
II. Vendor Spaces During Fair (Call for Available Spaces)  
  a. 10 x 10 $60.00
  b. Deposit $50.00*
  a. 10 x 10 $45.00
  b. Deposit $50.00*
III. Food Booths at Fair & Races  
  Non-Profit (per event) $300.00
IV. Admission  
  Adults $5.00
  Children (6-13) $3.00
  Seniors $1.00
  Adults $2.00
V. Trailer Spaces  
  (Closed for Repair)  
  Full Hookups (per day - sewer, water, power) $3.00
  Hookups (per day - water, power) $2.00
VI. Stall Rent  
  (No stall Rent 2 weeks before until 2 weeks after the Races each year)  
  Daily $1.00
  Monthly $15.00
VII. Concession Stands  
  (Rented to non-profit organizations only)  
  Event $300.00
VIII. Arena  
  (There is no charge for the use of the arena for day use and No usage fee during February & March)  
  Day use FREE
  Events $150.00
IX. Arena Corrals  
  (No arena corrals to be used in February or March)  
  Weekly (per corral) $10.00

* Deposit will be refunded at 2:00 P.M. if all rules are upheld!